Let it Go
This song just won’t die. It must be a feline hybrid with a billion lives. It just keeps going, and going… like that crazy energizer bunny. Let me be clear, and say this: I LOVE IDINA MENZEL! I think that she is fabulous, and I am one of the fortunate people who experienced hearing her live many times. She’s amazing. Here’s the problem: I am a mom, and there are very few kid appropriate movies in theaters. When they finally crop up, my family supports them. When it comes to Frozen, it was OVERKILL. Superkiddo, his friends, classmates, random stranger kids, all LOVED this movie, and we saw it far too many times. I know the entire soundtrack, and I wish that I didn’t. We listen to Kids Place Live daily, and I swear that they play Let It Go every hour. It is maddening.

I hoped that the Academy Awards would be absolutely last time that I would hear this song, but thanks to Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and even Kids Place Live (they won’t stop playing it!), Let It Go has wormed its way back into our household.

Are there songs, or shows, that your kids love, and you wish they’d just die? Is it just me? Hopefully the next batch of kid friendly movies will give us a reprieve. Until then, I am investing in ear plugs.

Enjoy your day!
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13 thoughts on “Let It Go…PLEASE

  1. I have to say, I have yet to hear that song. I heard a verse, I think, but it was really quick. We’ve also yet to see the movie, too, though. We’re a little behind, I guess.

  2. Bwahahah Thank you for saying this. I think the best cover I’ve heard so far was a couple of weeks ago when our pastor started belting it out to make a point…. that was funny.

  3. We didn’t see the movie in the theaters because the kids were sick for a lot of the holiday season but we bought it when the digital was released a week or two ago. My daughter watches it all day long. She absolutely loves it and I have to say do I . She and I will walk around singing the song at the tops of our lungs. I even bought her the CD this weekend so she can take it in the car or listen to it on her laptop.

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