Let it Go
This song just won’t die. It must be a feline hybrid with a billion lives. It just keeps going, and going… like that crazy energizer bunny. Let me be clear, and say this: I LOVE IDINA MENZEL! I think that she is fabulous, and I am one of the fortunate people who experienced hearing her live many times. She’s amazing. Here’s the problem: I am a mom, and there are very few kid appropriate movies in theaters. When they finally crop up, my family supports them. When it comes to Frozen, it was OVERKILL. Superkiddo, his friends, classmates, random stranger kids, all LOVED this movie, and we saw it far too many times. I know the entire soundtrack, and I wish that I didn’t. We listen to Kids Place Live daily, and I swear that they play Let It Go every hour. It is maddening.

I hoped that the Academy Awards would be absolutely last time that I would hear this song, but thanks to Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and even Kids Place Live (they won’t stop playing it!), Let It Go has wormed its way back into our household.

Are there songs, or shows, that your kids love, and you wish they’d just die? Is it just me? Hopefully the next batch of kid friendly movies will give us a reprieve. Until then, I am investing in ear plugs.

Enjoy your day!
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Ice Ice Baby!

Don’t worry; I will not bust a rhyme. I can’t. Seriously, I just can’t.

Portions of the south are still desperately praying for sunshine and spring.  My area only experienced 24 hours of ice, and a few power outages. Thankfully, all of my friends and family are safe and warm, and pray the same for you and yours. Here are a few shots from my icemageddon at my house:

TechNoThursday will be spent like most of the nights this week: focusing on Superkiddo, and enjoying our time together as a family. Wherever you are, and whatever the state of your weather may be, I wish you and your family the best. If you’re still trapped inside with the kiddos, you may enjoy this clip. Clearly, these parents are feeling me:

Until next time,

Wacky Hair & #TechNoThursday

My natural hair journey has not been without crazy moments. It is a good thing that I rarely take myself too seriously because my hair can bring oodles of comedy.This is what happens when you go to the stylist for a curly mohawk, it rains for 2 days, and you spend time cheering on your kid at the indoor pool:

It becomes a curly mess!

It becomes a curly mess!

Holy humidity hair, batman! I will have to find a way to tame this mass of curls before I can go out, and attack my agenda for the day. It is Thursday, so we will enjoy our post school activities, and slow it down by putting away our phones.  I look forward to this night each week. It gives us time to intentionally focus on each other, and embrace live without unnecessary distractions.  TechNoThursday is a hit with this household.

Whatever you do, and wherever this week may take you, please remember to take some time to enjoy your loved ones.

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Mom’s Moment: Are You Nuts?

Happy Monday, loves!
I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend with your friends and family. My role as the Royal Superkiddo Social Secretary, Chauffeur, and Cheerleader resumed, and I am completely worn out from all of his events! How on earth do moms with multiple kids juggle all of the items on their kids’ schedules? The amount of running around last weekend around can only be described as NUTS. 

Do you make parenting decisions that cause others to ask if you’re nuts?  Are your kids involved in practically everything? Do you bend over backwards for your kids’ happiness, and forget about your own?  Parenting can be quite the juggling act, and everyone around us – parents or not – will offer opinions. How do we know which decisions to make? What if our parenting choices are unpopular?

My husband and I frequently make choices that garner less than supportive phrases from some of the people we know. For example, when it was time to select a school for Superkiddo, everyone offered their expert opinions. He was absolutely miserable in one school, and tested into another. Supporters of both schools declared that these institutions were the absolute best that our region has to offer. Why on earth would we move him to an entirely different location? We frequently heard “are you nuts” from everyone from family to school administrators, but in the end, we had to trust that we knew what was best for our kid. And we were right. The story is much longer, and filled with far too many tearful moments to write, but we simply acted as parents, with the best interests of our child in mind.

Some parenting decisions are tough, and others should be simple, or should be seen as common sense. Our area recently experienced lower than normal temperatures.  We never saw the ice or snow that plagued other regions, but it was clearly cold enough for proper winter clothing. I noticed that a kid had on shorts and flip-flops, when the high temperature for the day was 30 degrees. The mom said to me, “I cannot force him to wear long pants or shoes; he just loves shorts and flip-flops.” She then complained that he had been sick for several weeks, and they had to alter their vacation plans. I’ll pause for you to read her statement again. I couldn’t stop myself…I just had to ask her “ARE YOU NUTS?!?” The kid is 7, SEVEN, years old, and you’re allowing him to make potentially harmful clothing choices? Who is the parent in this equation? There are times when we have to take a stand, even against a 7-year-old, to do what is right. Ok, so I am guilty of barging in with unsolicited parenting advice. Oops.

Some parenting choices are difficult, and the answers aren’t fully known until we embark upon a different path. Other decisions are just as simple as common sense  – – like proper shoes in inclement weather.  There are so many gray areas when it comes to parenting, and everyone (and their mama!) has an opinion on what we should do.  It can be quite the challenge to navigate the perilous waters of raising children. So, what do we do?

How NOT to Go Nuts with Parenting:

1. Keep the faith.  Unless you’re severely deficient in mental, emotional, and social capacities, you are the best judge of what should happen with your children.  Raise them in the manner that you believe. We are a Christian household, so in our case, we seek godly counsel for our choices. Our faith has clear guidelines for our lives, and we try to instill those ideals into our parenting.

2. You are not an island. When it comes to our own parents, some of us had the real life replicas of June Cleaver or Claire Huxtable, and others had Lynetta Gordon or Victoria Grayson (go ahead and google them, youngin’s lol). When we cannot look to our own parents for guidance, there are others within our village who can perhaps speak wisdom into our situations. It is perfectly okay to send up flares for help, and accept insight from other parents. Build a community of moms (and dads) that you trust to fearlessly love you, tell you the truth, and support you as you parent your children.

3. Retreat. No, I am not saying that you should wave a white flag, and run for the hills! Take time to refresh, release, and renew. You cannot effectively parent if you are worn out, and at the end of your rope. Remember your health and fitness, and keep your promises to pamper yourself. A simple afternoon alone, or with your spouse, can do wonders. (Don’t forget to tip the babysitter well!)

There are so many parenting resources available (Love and Logic is one of my favorites), so none of us should ever really have to say “I don’t know what to do” repeatedly. I hope that you will find your village of wise counsel, and take the time to strengthen yourself, so that you will not have a week of going nuts while parenting 🙂

I look forward to sharing more with you this week.

Until next time,


Wellness Wednesday & Take It Easy Thursday

I am still fighting a bout with a sneezing, coughing bug, as well as recovering from my hard drive’s recent revolt against the world of deadlines. Isn’t it pitiful how our days can turn downhill when our gadgets or health aren’t functioning at 100%? I am working my way back into a “normal” routine, but also appreciating the simplicity of slowing down.

How did we all become so busy? What is so important that we never have time for anything, or anyone? What is driving us to work so hard that we wear ourselves out? I honestly wish that I knew all of the answers, but I simply do not. So many moms find that being “too busy” or “on the go” are badges of mega mom status. I disagree, but I often fall victim to piling far too many activities onto my plate. I know the word NO, and I am sure that I mastered the use of it when I was a toddler. What is so difficult about saying that word these days?

slap me

slap me

Eventually, I will learn the art of saying NO, or at least learn to run and hide when the parent volunteer list is passed around (ha!).

I have to remind myself that my body needs rest. I simply cannot solve every problem in the world, and I am not effective as a wife and mom when I am stretched beyond my limitations. Our families need our undivided attention. Thanks to the convenience of technology, we may find that we forget how to politely pay attention. I caught myself editing a document while “listening” to someone. I stopped, apologized, and began to actively listen. Isn’t that what we would want someone to do if we were talking to them? It seems to be so simple, but it can be oh, so difficult to do.

We decided to try something in our household: no unnecessary technology , even if only for 1 day. I immediately panicked over this one! What if I get a request? What if I get an urgent text? WHAT IF….  Those are pretty dumb questions. Obviously we will return our text and email messages. The trick will be to only use our tablets, laptops, phones, and the like for necessary communication. I’m nervous already, but I am up for the challenge…umm, I think…

This may, or may not, become a standard thing for my household. We already have Macaroni Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Family Fun Night Fridays. Why not a Take it Easy Thursday? I may beg to bend the rule around 9PM EST…how can I NOT tweet during Scandal? Perhaps I need to stop thinking about tomorrow before I talk myself out of my first attempt at this. I will let you know how it goes…

Have you and your family ever attempted to disconnect, so that you could reconnect? Have you ever found yourself staring at a screen more than you do at a person’s face? What changes are you making in how your family interacts?

Until next time (but not this Thursday),