Wordless Wednesday

Spring has sprung in this town whether the calendar says so, or not. We are digging in the dirt, planting, prepping, weeding, etc. What’s going on in your yards, flowerbeds, and gardens?

Happy Wednesday, loves! xoxo


1st Wednesday and #TechNOThursday

Happy 2014!

I hope that you enjoyed ringing in the New Year with friends, or if you are anything like my family, celebrated with a great night’s sleep.  What do you have planned for 2014? Something new? Something major? A revision? A renovation?  Guess what: every plan, large or small, starts with a single step.  Today is the 1st day of YOUR New Year. Make it count. Make it a great 1st step.

Tomorrow is Thursday, so in our house, we will take care of all of the obligatory items, and then begin TechNOThursday.  We may see a movie with Superkiddo’s friends, or simply have another family game day (Careful: Superkiddo plays a ruthless round of Hi Ho Cherry O!). Whatever the activities, and wherever the day takes us, our primary focus will be on face to face interaction, and fewer distractions from our mobile devices.  I sincerely hope that it can become a movement that spreads to other families and friends. Wouldn’t you love to complete transactions in a store, ride in a car, or talk to someone, without the interruptions from their cell phones? I know that I would.  

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Wherever today, and the rest of 2014, may take you, I wish you and your family all of the best.
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Until next time,


Merry Monday Memories

Happy Monday, loves!

cabbage patchOne of my favorite childhood Christmas memories involved my Little People adopted doll. She had a cloth body, yarn hair, and came with an adoption certificate.  I took my adopted doll everywhere, and loved that I had the opportunity to name, dress, and care for her. These were all the rage, and mostly sold in craft fairs and private parties, before the dolls evolved into Cabbage Patch Kids.  Once the CPK’s came onto the scene, there were commercials galore, and the Little People faded away.  Then we started to see the constant news stories of crazed parents fighting over the limited stock in stores. Thankfully, no one in my family ever stood in line, or dodged flying carts and fists, to buy one.  We were one of the fortunate few who knew store owners, and grabbed them before the crowds started. This was my first introduction to the craziness of commercialized Christmas, and what parents will do to create “magic” on Christmas day.

I thought about all of this goofiness as early as this fall.  We didn’t really see many Thanksgiving decorations in stores this year; Christmas displays went up almost as soon as the Halloween supplies dwindled.  It is understandable that marketers wish to capitalize upon the biggest money maker for the end of the year, but what does it say about all of us when we fall for it?

We are in the final stretch for all of our Christmas festivities around here. We waited until Superkiddo was out of school to start the outdoor decorations.  I am looking forward to seeing my favorite dudes open their gifts, and spend some cuddle time with our favorite holiday movies.  It is so much fun to celebrate holidays with him & the  hubby! Will you have a quiet day at home, or take a destination holiday vacation?  Will you have rooms full of family and friends, or make new traditions?  Whatever your plans may be, I am sure that you will create fond memories, for a splendid holiday this week.  I wish you love, joy, peace… and lots of megawatts in lights & cheer.

Until next time,