Momma’s Motivation to Move It!


Happy Monday!

For many, today is the 1st day back to the grind.  Even if you had to return to the office, I am pretty sure that parents of school age kiddos are doing their happiest dances right about now…

I would bet that a few more Moms are ready to do their happy dances. Tonight, join me in celebrating the BIG REVEAL of the Mamavation Mom finalists! I remember the anticipation and excitement of my Mamavation campaign, and I am elated to support this fabulous batch of applicants.  Good luck, ladies!

How are those exercise decisions coming? The gyms are pretty crowded this week, but most people will start to slack off around the same time that their Girl Scout cookie orders arrive. How will you maintain your mojo, and tough it out? How can you make this year different from the past times that you promised to keep at it? Don’t worry; this won’t be a preachy post about working out (I hate those!). I can’t profess to have a foolproof system, but these tiny, simple steps worked for me:
1)MOVE: Just move. Perhaps you are snowed in, or you’re trapped in the office with a major deadline. You cannot allow anything, any situation, to derail your commitment to get in your cardio. If you simply take the stairs, park a longer distance from the door, walk your laundry, or children’s toys to various room, you are giving yourself some very much needed movement. No one wakes up, and immediately has the capacity to run a marathon. The training starts in small steps. You may not run a major race this week, month, or even this year, but you can start by taking steps. Try it. Get up now, and walk around…Be sure to come back, and finish reading this though 🙂
2) DRINK MORE WATER: This is a cheat to help you move, too. If you are drinking enough water, you will have to make more trips to the bathroom. Take the long way from your desk, or wherever you are. Keeping your body hydrated helps your organs to operate properly, flushes toxins from your system, and can prevent you from overeating. Go ahead, and guzzle up!
3) GET CREATIVE: Maybe you recently moved to a new area, or do not have moms around you with similar schedules. How on earth will  you find a gym buddy, or time to workout? If your little guy has soccer practice, don’t waste time in the stands of onlookers. Instead, get in your laps around the field. When you take your children to the park, you can use some of the playground equipment in your exercise routines.Some of your favorite famous trainers have DVD’s and Xbox/Wii routines. You can even find free exercise tutorials online.  You can create your very own workout routines with various resources, and there are so many online moms groups available to motivate, support, and hold you accountable.

It seems simple, right? Guess what: it really is. The hardest step to take is usually the first one. I know because I have been there.  Today, I will take a first step with you. I absolutely abhor indoor kiddie gyms & playscapes! I think that they all smell like feet. UGH! Superkiddo, of course, LOVES them!  While he plays his heart out, I will be on the mats & equipment getting my sweat on… I guess that means that I’ll leave that place smelling like sweat AND feet 🙂

Whatever you do today, and wherever you go, please take a few moments to take care of yourself. You are the best Momma that your children will ever have. You cannot give them your best if you’ve worn yourself out. Get motivated. Get moving.


Until next time,



2 tips for sneaking in time for exercise

You just groaned when you read the title, didn’t you? No worries. I promise you that you are not about to read the post of a preachy, unsympathetic fitness fanatic. I get it: whether you juggle household hysteria, or battle it out in the cubicle jungle, your daily schedule is already FULL.  Here are two (just 2!) of the tiny changes that I made when I began my fitness and weight loss journey.

1. Walk. Yes, it is that simple. Find ways to increase your daily steps. If your particular school allows it, walk your children to and from the door, rather than driving through the carpool line. Park away from store entrances, and walk around the aisles before you  begin to shop. Fold your laundry in one room of the house, and walk it to another. I try not to be a “bleacher mom”; I walk around the track during practices (& yes, I still manage to cheer for my kiddo).

2. “TVcise.” What are you normally doing during your favorite TV shows? I would bet that you spend that time sitting and snacking. Am I right?  My friends and I made dates with each other to connect, get moving, and enjoy our shows together. The treadmill and elliptical can get boring, but if you pair them with your favorite team or show, you’ll enjoy moving. You’d be amazed by how many miles or reps you can complete.

How do you sneak in exercise? Did you get moving today?  You still have time 🙂  I’ll share more sneaky tips tomorrow.

Until next time,


Today’s tune:

This little gem came on during my run this morning…

Review: #My_FitU

What are some of the most frequently used excuses for not working out? I can’t afford a personal trainer.  My schedule won’t permit me to get to the gym before it closes. I really don’t know which exercises to do on my own. I am one of those people who will always prefer the crazy drill sergeant trainer to assist in my torture sessions, but I recognize that many people simply cannot hire a personal trainer. Many moms juggle so many items on their schedules that getting away to the gym seems almost impossible.

My FitU is the best of both worlds: you can exercise wherever and whenever you make the time to do so, and you will have a personal trainer to show you how to do everything.  There are tutorials on nutrition and safety while working out, as well as in-depth videos of exercise instruction.  Every fitness program requires that you put in effort to achieve results, and My FitU makes it easy for you to take the first steps.


I love that the program is fully customizable… You enter how much you’ve slept, your stress level, fitness and/or weight loss goals. All of these items are used to create your personal plan.  If you are honest with your answers, most importantly, if you do the work, you should see results while working with this.

There are several levels of memberships available, as well as a free trial. Visit My FitU for more details.

Note: I received a free membership to My FitU for the purpose of this review.

#Mamavation Monday: Run on, Crazy!

Happy Monday, my loves!

I am running ragged today as I have not been able to sit still for more than a few moments.  My schedule is chock-full of travel, deadlines,conference calls,practices, you name it…



I am elated to FINALLY have my Peachtree Roadrace bib! Woohoo! I have worked so hard each year to move up to earlier starting waves. This is significant. Why? Because the later you start this race, the more miserable you will be. Trust me. I was surrounded by seasoned runners last year, and they were dropping like flies from the heat. I am grateful that I can at least start the race this year before hellish heat-o-clock (Yes, that is an actual time. If you don’t believe me, just try running in Atlanta, in July, on nothing but asphalt!). Maybe I should just start praying for rain, or a freakish cold front, just to be safe…

It wasn’t that long ago that I thought people who ran for fun were just plain nuts. Who willingly runs down the street without a serial killer chasing after them? What kind of crazy person keeps pushing after they’re bruised, blistered, and breathless? I joined the crazy cool fun of running, and I LOVE IT! I may never place in the top finishers, but I will finish. I may not win a trophy or medal, but I will always wear my race shirt with pride. I love that I can push my body, and tell it that I am the boss. I can defy the odds, and keep going.

Perhaps running isn’t the impossible, crazy dream for you, but there is something in life that you’ve never imagined possible. What if you took a moment to really  go for it? Who cares if it seems crazy at first…what will it hurt to try? I love living fearlessly. The world is so much more beautiful this way.  I know that you have dream. Why not take the steps to pursue it today?  If your dream just happens to include a race, I just might join you!

Until next time,



#Mamavation Monday: Just a few updates

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that all went well during your weekend activities!

I don’t have a major Mamavation update as things are the same. The scale isn’t moving up; it isn’t moving down either. I am continuing to work on toning and strength training, educating myself on living greener, and creating great tasting allergy friendly meals.

I am focusing on my race preparation (I have several races on the horizon), as well as counting the days until I leave for Fitbloggin 13! This has to be one of the highlights of my summer! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to participate in this conference.

One last exciting tidbit: the Bald Genius is back for a few weeks! Many thanks to all of you who sent prayers and well wishes to my Superkid-O and myself. Life gets crazy stressful when a spouse is deployed, but I am so  moved and grateful for the village bubble that surrounded and supported me when I needed it the most.  THANKS SO MUCH!

There are far too many things to juggle over the next few days – Superkid-O’s 2, TWO, birthday parties, playdates, piano practice, kumon, a 5K, Father’s Day, packing for Fitbloggin… WHEW! I need a clone! This week I plan to complete several review items for your reading pleasure, as well as meet all of my editorial deadlines (feel free to laugh at that one!).Today, I must force myself to hibernate in my writing cave, but I wanted to take a break to wish all of you a wonderful day.

Just in case you haven’t heard it recently, you are loved.  Spread some light and love today.

Until next time,