Let it Go
This song just won’t die. It must be a feline hybrid with a billion lives. It just keeps going, and going… like that crazy energizer bunny. Let me be clear, and say this: I LOVE IDINA MENZEL! I think that she is fabulous, and I am one of the fortunate people who experienced hearing her live many times. She’s amazing. Here’s the problem: I am a mom, and there are very few kid appropriate movies in theaters. When they finally crop up, my family supports them. When it comes to Frozen, it was OVERKILL. Superkiddo, his friends, classmates, random stranger kids, all LOVED this movie, and we saw it far too many times. I know the entire soundtrack, and I wish that I didn’t. We listen to Kids Place Live daily, and I swear that they play Let It Go every hour. It is maddening.

I hoped that the Academy Awards would be absolutely last time that I would hear this song, but thanks to Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and even Kids Place Live (they won’t stop playing it!), Let It Go has wormed its way back into our household.

Are there songs, or shows, that your kids love, and you wish they’d just die? Is it just me? Hopefully the next batch of kid friendly movies will give us a reprieve. Until then, I am investing in ear plugs.

Enjoy your day!
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3 Words

This will be short, and sweet…


Let’s face it: we all enjoy hearing it, and we never say it enough. We need to feel appreciated, cherished, understood, and accepted. Everyone should know how it feels to be loved, and be able to freely express their love to others. Don’t allow another day to go by without sharing your heart with your loved ones. Let there be no regrets in your relationships. Find the way to let others know that you care. You just might make that person’s day.

In other news, this afternoon and evening will be AWESOME! Why? Because our household gets to celebrate our Tech No Thursday again, and slow things down a bit. I wish you a wonderful evening with your family and friends. Take some time to share your light and love with each other.

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Allergy Safe Lunchbox


If your kiddo is anything like my own, then lunchbox goodies are a BIG deal. Do you remember the days of “I’ll trade my cookie for your pudding” or “are you going to eat that“? Well, it doesn’t quite work that way for some kids. Thanks to food allergies, many cafeteria lunches and tokens from friends’ lunchboxes just aren’t safe items to trade. What’s a parent to do? What can we pack that will be filling, nutritious, and fun? When many of Superkiddo’s friends began eating the popular pre-packaged boxes (you know the ones) of cheese, crackers, and meats, he began to feel left out. We took the time to make a safe version for him, and started looking for ways to make allergy safe lunches look as exciting as what other kids could eat. If you have a school cafeteria bound kiddo, and want to give them a fun, colorful lunch, you may enjoy a few of our favorite tricks.

Power Packed Lunches

Silly & Supercool Sandwiches: We use cookie cutters to shape our bread, and then add our favorite fillings. I am a huge fan of Applegate Farms nitrate-free choices of meats, and the Daiya dairy-free cheeses. Another fun trick for us is a “Captain Hook,” or a divided sandwich on a stick (try it!).

Crunchy Cuts of Veggies: Who says that vegetables have to be bland or boring? You can slice, spiralize, or chop your favorite colorful vegetables, and pair them with hummus, salsa, or homemade dressing. Every kid that I have ever met loves to dip their food. Even if a kid claims to not like vegetables, if you give him a dip, he will try it.

Fruit Pouches: These are a fabulous, and fun way to get a little more fruit into your kiddo’s lunchbox.  My favorites are Go Go Squeez and Peter Rabbit Organics.  The best part? You don’t have to remember to pack a spoon.

Fruit: Our favorite apples are sold in “lunchbox size,” so they are a fun wash and pack option. Grapes, bananas, melons, are also a delightful, sneaky way to get in healthy vitamins. You can cut them into shapes for a fun fruit salad, or make fruit kebabs.

Smoothies: A smoothie can be filled with a combination of your favorite fruits and vegetables (try kale, blueberries, bananas, & allergy-safe milk. DELICIOUS!). I prefer freezing them the night before, and allowing them to thaw in the lunchbox. Why? They will be perfectly frosty at lunchtime, and the container will help keep the rest of the lunch items cold.

Superkiddo can never eat from the menu of the school cafeteria, or trade lunches with a friend. There isn’t a dedicated, allergy-free kitchen, and there are no guarantees of the ingredients in his friends’ lunches. We therefore make sure that he has a lunchbox filled with fun containers and delicious, safe, fun foods. Whether your kids suffer from food allergies, or if you are on the hunt for better food choices, I would love to dig deeper, and share recipes and tips.  I hope that you will join me on the journey to discover tasty, healthy options.

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Fun Friday Flashback

Happy Friday

I recently reconnected with some high school friends. We have grown into adults who continue to share stories, and a bond, that only performing arts brats could understand. We believe that art can be found in every room, every object can be an instrument, any day is a great day for a performance, every room has a stage, and nothing connects the human soul to its Creator and fellow man like the arts. Before there was Glee, there was FAME. FAME, both the movie and TV series, shared glimpses of performing arts students with the rest of the world. This is one of my favorite flashbacks, and yes (because I know you want to ask), our high school was very much like this…

Happy Friday!