Wordless Wednesday

Spring has sprung in this town whether the calendar says so, or not. We are digging in the dirt, planting, prepping, weeding, etc. What’s going on in your yards, flowerbeds, and gardens?

Happy Wednesday, loves! xoxo


Wordless Wednesday & #TechNOThursday




Well, if the update takes much longer, I may very well have a techNO week haha!

I took a break from technology for a day last week, and truly enjoyed how productive and connected I felt.  This may become a tradition in our household. We have the tendency to become so busy as we remain linked to the outside world, and it gets easy to disconnect as real people.  Can you have a conversation with someone, face to face, without checking your phone?  What if your phone vibrates during the conversation? Will you look at it, or will you look at the person, and wait to check your phone until the conversation is over?  It may seem silly to some, but I am noticing a nasty trend in the people around me – friends and strangers alike.  We cannot walk through the store, enjoy a meal, some can’t even drive, without checking our phones.  Crazy, isn’t it?

I say that we should pledge to our circle of family and friends to remain connected and engaged, as active listeners, and not rudely checking our phones. Yes, I realize that many professions, including my own, require constant access, and I am not advocating that people turn their phones completely off.  This is just an idea to take at least one day to focus on real relationships.  I’m spending my Thursday by getting as much face time as possible with friends and loved ones.  I hope that you will join me.


Until next time,